A romantic classic wedding ⋆ Valentine's Day 2017

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many men are beginning to get clues from their wives, girlfriends and girlfriends about what romantic gifts they would like to receive. What do you think when the word "romance" is mentioned? For some, flowers, chocolates, hearts, and pearls fall into this category. For others, soft music and champagne or wine are romantic. Basing your wedding around a romantic theme can be a sweet personalized statement of your relationship. If you start your life with romance, set the tone for the rest of your marriage.

Color options for a romantic wedding can be anything you choose, but classic colors like red, pink, white, chocolate or ivory are easier to make. If you want to be a little more unique, consider picking a slightly different tonality, such as peach or mauve. Since weddings are by nature a romantic event, you should have a multitude of choices with hearts, champagne flutes, and even castles if you like.

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A romantic fashion classic style includes frills, so consider choosing bridesmaid dresses with frills. Ribbons woven into your hair and the heart picks added to your bouquets are the two ways to add subtle touches of romance to the attire of your bridal party. Pearls would be the perfect choice of jewelry no matter what color you choose for dresses. For groomsmen, roses that match their colors with lace instead of baby breath make a stunning boutonniere.

Tulle, twinkling lights, candles and mirrors should be incorporated into your decor. Candles placed on top of mirrors with rose petals sprayed here and there make a timeless and elegant table setting. Maybe you could put the word "love" in different languages ​​around the room or in your wedding program. A chocolate fountain is not only beautiful; It also serves as a functional part of your menu. What is more romantic than strawberries dipped in chocolate? Another idea that a wedding planner suggested is a bubble machine placed behind your drink table to give the illusion of being in a glass of champagne. It would also be fun for your wedding party photos.

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If you choose to have a seated meal, consider choosing "romantic" foods such as oysters, avocados, basil and foie gras. Three dishes of asparagus were traditionally served to the bride and groom in 19th century France in their "rehearsal dinner" because it "awakens lust in man and woman." For your favors, Jordan almonds are the classic choice. Almonds have been associated with fertility for centuries and so are coupled with romance.

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