Bridge lovers ⋆ Valentine's Day 2017

is located on the banks of the Dnieper River is a city full of history and life. Kiev has been called the jewel of Ukraine striking architecture, art, culture, beauty, magnificent gardens and, of course, beautiful women. It's no wonder that in this context, the men and women throughout the ages easy targets for the share of Cupid. "

when I was with the Russian or Ukrainian in Kiev beautiful woman, looking for just the right romantic spot, take a stroll on the "Bridge Lover" or, as some call it "a bridge of kisses", and watch the magic happen

has called this pedestrian bridge connects Khreshchaty Park with Manchester City Park in the center of Kiev, which was designed by Y. Patton and built in 1912 the most romantic place in Kiev. A leisurely walk on this bridge 200 feet (60 meters) fast and put in your step, and the sparkle in your eyes and provide you with a feeling of Amory. Legend has it that if you kiss your love on the bridge, the two will be locked in each other's hearts forever. Over the years, hanging couples Locks, engraved with their names, on the bridge as a symbol of their love. It's no wonder that in the festival of love on the bridge is a very popular spot.

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Perhaps that is the need to snuggle close for warmth during a stroll through the cold months that keeps the popluar bridge with lovers.

However, regardless of the season, you will find lovers of all ages to steal kisses on this enchanted spot. Ah, romance!

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