Casanova or Mr. Right? How to get the ideal look for Valentine's Day Boyfriend ⋆ Valentine's Day 2017

Now that you have chosen the day of love to walk down the aisle, let there be romance in your walk as you head towards the church to accept it as your legally married Spouse. Follow these useful fashion tips to dress well for your Valentine's wedding.

Bachelor party with Panache

Since the wedding is Valentine's Day, let the theme of the bachelor party be softer. Instead of the wild R & B, go to a jazz concert and invite your girl as well. Nothing could be more romantic than looking into her eyes and proposing it back to the altar.

Purely intelligent costumes Please

Valentine's Day is all about color and brightness. Keep in the bay those muted colors as you see in the corporate sector or in your parents wedding pictures. Go for the woods and earthy tones or even the white lounge dress with a crimson red tie. For a more exciting feeling, go for the white outfit without the traditional tie that will definitely give Hollywood Heart Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas a run for their money.

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Get your best men in best suits

Boyfriends and the best men should follow the same theme in their costumes. Plan ahead and keep them away if they still turn into denims and get you ratty. Synchronize and use similar colors in order to have a great feeling as well as quaint. Remember that your wedding pictures will last you a lifetime! No Shoddy It seems Curb your dandruff problems in the first hand. Get a de-stressing facial done after all those wild bachelor parties. Avoid draining into strong perfumes as this can be a major diversion. Go for a gelled look and keep your uncle's hairstyle at home.

Romance on the altar

Tuck in an exotic yellow orchid for her in her pocket. She should feel more confident about her commitment once she begins to approach the altar. You may consider this for security reasons as well because brides have been known to run away from the altar due to nervous breakdown. You can also get lots of kaffier lilies for your sweetheart girlfriend. Keep in mind that the selected flowers should stay fresh longer, therefore select flowers with longer stems and thicker petals. Keep all your wedding blues at bay and be the soft boyfriend in red and white!

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