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Many women, including me, that the male segment of our population knows nothing about love and romance want to say. Un-romantic and especially African men being unable to express their feelings for a lot of criticism received. From personal experience I would say that this is not true, I've dated some of the most romantic men are African. But, what exactly is romance? I define it as the expression of love to prefer. In this article I love to use some of my favorite quotes of Africa through define romance. African quotation we give a glimpse of African culture and life views. They are part of African history and to show us that love and love are universal. So my romantic African brothers Africans here are some things to protect, love and enjoy them out there to show your loved one how much you care this Valentine's Day, feel free to use for all the men are are.


The best part of the pleasure lies in the heart of a secret lover. – (African proverb). It is one of the most romantic love quotes I've read it's almost poetic. Here are some more romantic romantic love quotes to show that we love the flowers are everywhere.

1. Where love is not darkness. -burundi

2. A woman is a flower in a garden; Her husband is a fence around it. – Ghana

3. A letter from the heart can be read on the face. – Swahili

4. Love is like a baby: it has to be treated with tenderness. – DRC

5. Your love is like a misty rain, coming softly, but flooding the river. – Liberia and Madagascar

6. Love is like rice: transplanted, still growing. -medagaskr

7. full moon, why would worry about the stars? -tunishia

8. Many small things in a big way a man loves a woman. – Ghana

9. A thread to the needle, a loving heart. – Sudan

10. House of the person we love is never far away. – Kenya

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11. He who loves the vase loves also what is inside. – African proverb

12. He who loves an unsightly person who makes it beautiful. – Uganda

13. He who loves, loves you with your dirt. -Ubanda Saying

14. Love is never lost, only maintained. – African proverb

to 15. Happily, something to love and something to hope something is required. – Swahili saying

Strange African Love

quotes Coffee and love taste best when hot! – (African proverb) . Who said that African men are not emotional. I love my coffee hot and humid as it funny quote love Ethiopia also shows that love is best served hot. Ethiopia is known for its coffee, coffee, your love life, then the next time you think of a steaming cup of hot to enjoy. Here for your enjoyment are some quotes of love and fun. Sip slowly.

1. A woman with beautiful breasts do not want to, you do not need the money. – South Africa

2. If you're ugly, you must learn to dance or make love. – Zimbabwe

3. Love is not bad king, but a king who loves you better. -Wolof Saying

4. When you marry a monkey for your money, then the money goes and the monkey remains. – Egypt

5. Never marry a woman who is bigger than you feet. – Mozambique

6. To talk to women who must be a graduate does not like. – DRC

7. Pretend you're dead and see who really loves you. African


8. buttocks are like a married couple, but is constant friction between them; They continue to love and live with. – African proverb

9. Mr. Old Man-Monkey-Monkey who marries Mrs. older woman. – Ghana

10. If a cold Friday and Saturday was boring, no one would marry. – Morocco

11. If money were found in trees, most people would marry monkeys. – African proverb says no to marry a woman

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are 12, wait until your breasts sink. -burundi

African dating married

Marriage is like a peanut, you have to break it to see what's inside. – (African sense). Ah speaks so often that marriage is a bed of roses. Marriage without talking about how we can speak of love? This article with quotes on the bond (sorry means happiness) marriage is only suitable for closing.

1. Anyone who marries for love alone has bad days, but will be good night. – Egypt

2. A house without a woman is like a barn without cattle. – African proverb

3. A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries. – Quote African

4. Marriage is like a peanut, you have to break it to see what's inside. – Ghana

5. tend to marry a relative. – Egypt

6. A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers. – African proverb

7. A young wife tends to cook too much at first. – Ethiopia

8. sauce and a house without a wife are meaningless without bread. – Ethiopia

9. A bird can be saved, a wife can not. – Swahili

10. A planting roadside, and a beautiful woman who marries grapes, is part of the same problem. – Ethiopia

11. A good wife is easy to find, but good laws are rare. – Madagascar

12. This is an elderly woman who is better to get married to stay single. – Uganda

13. The man may be the head of the house, but his wife's heart. – Kenya

14. Marriage is a tight knot, but is not a slip knot. – Madagascar

15. Do not covet the property of the woman who is in love with her husband and another man. ~ Egypt

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