Love Feast various customs in different countries ⋆ Valentine's Day 2017

for all there is a special time and something unique to express, to save, to share love and expectations, and also in different countries and ways of celebration of Holiday Love is also different and interesting …

in France: Basically it's a man to do some romantic procedures for his mistress, while the women do not have to worry too much …

in Britain: On most occasions it was the men to provide gifts for women. In the UK, there are respondents who indicated that they had sent mango, cuffs and sweet cakes to their secret admirers

in South Korea: Women will be used to give chocolates to men, the more chocolate the man received indicates that owned the most popular man

in Japan: special way for women in Japan to celebrate the holiday of love is to give gifts to all the men are known

in Italy: must love feast day for Italians means Day gift, but on Valentine's Day confession. Usually the most special in Italy against unmarried women, who will get up early in the Valentine's Day holiday, and stands at the window in silence, and we look forward to seeing the man for the first time in her forehead, in the past they believed the first man through the window of the girl stopped are just prospective husband and that he will marry her in one year

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in Brazil: that time (February 14), it's just in the period of the Rio carnival in Brazil. In fact, the history lover in Brazil is June 12.

in Mexico: festival of love in Mexico is a day to express friendship and love, so no matter men or women in Mexico will each give gifts to their friends who used to give them a hand.

in China: festival of love in China is just Festival Chinese Lantern which is on a romantic holiday in the traditional feudal society, does not allow unmarried girls to go out freely, but on holidays, during the festival period allows them to come up with their companions, so the lantern Festival produces a great opportunity for long relationship between men and women are unmarried, they can take advantage of this occasion lantern sightseeing to look for partners. The Lantern Festival is also a good opportunity for lovers, which is one of the occasions painstakingly them to arrange meetings too.

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