Our 1st Valentines Day ❤ Tears Of Happiness ❤ LaVidaChula VLOG Episode 5

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47 thoughts on “Our 1st Valentines Day ❤ Tears Of Happiness ❤ LaVidaChula VLOG Episode 5”

  1. How beautiful Lee 👍🏻you and mike are still going strong I'm a true believer of what u said God works in mysterious ways love you Lee ur the best vlogger ever🤗💯👏

  2. I never comment on videos but I'll come out of hiding to say that this video made me like you a lot more because it made you so relatable. You remind me of my husband and I, we met and have pretty much have been inseparable since our first date. We were married within a year of being together, because when you know you know – despite what everyone thinks, believes and says. My friends had their doubts, but now they're the single ones. Like Mike, my husband spoils the hell out of me, COOKS, makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world and I am such a lucky girl. Thanks for reminding me of that!!! You're beautiful, but moreso you're so down to earth, and I'm happy for you!

  3. People that make these kind of videos have no life….sad… Oh well.. Oh and they need attention 24/7 and they think they are "hot" and better than other people imo

  4. So proud of you doll! Wish you nothing but love and happiness. It's so nice to see you genuinely happy, and I hope that never ends. Love you! ❤️

  5. Hi Lee I rarely comment on videos and I know I'm late but I wanted to comment on this one because my husband and I moved fast in our relationship and 10 years later I wouldn't change it for the world…. I'm glad you are doing what makes you happy and moving at the speed you want who cares what people have to say it's your life and you have to live it for you much love girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Just watching you talk about him made me smile I recently subscribed to your channels and just from this you can tell how genuine of a person you are and with that I wish you two the best God bless you both❤️

  7. Don't worry what people say. Do what makes you both happy. when me and my husband started dating we moved in together one month after we started dating. Now we've been together for 9 years, married for 5, and we have a gorgeous 1 1/2 year old daughter. 

  8. Spontaneous relationships are the best!!! I've been in mine for 9 years we have a gorgeous almost 2 yrs old daughter and are happy as heck! If you can act like yourself and not feel held back do you!!!!! Stop apologizing to the miserable people who give you shit because they wish they could be you living a happy life, And rich rich se puede ir pal carajo for wasting years of your life and for still being a pest now. 

  9. So happy for you! Its so nice to have met someone so great but someone that looks wayyyyy better than your last ex

  10. Ive been thru the exact same thing.. And ive met that person who really showed me what real love really is and who really appreciated me.. So girl you enjoy it! Dont worry what anyone says, whether its too fast or whatever it may be its your life and only you know whats right for you.. Im happy for you and keep following your heart!

  11. This video makes me cry. Im going through a tough time with my relationship right now. You inspire me to continue my faith in God and that everything happens for the best. You are truly blessed. I love you and you're such a beautiful woman inside and out. From pauline

  12. There's this saying, "people can be together for so many years, but they're just not right for each other. And for some people, they just only knew each other for one day, the next thing you know, they're married." 

  13. Lee,
    Your videos are always great to watch, but this one just hit close to home. I also met my boyfriend and we moved very fast. Like you said, it's a gut feeling you just know. No matter what and says, or opposes to, you are the one who knows deep inside what you need to be happy. I took on 2 kids and a boyfriend we were all living together within months and 3 , almost 4 years later we are still together and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't change my decision for the world. God placed him in your path for a reason. Enjoy and love the heck out of each other. Love is a beautiful thing. 💞

  14. Hey Lee , hopefully it not too late i was watchinv ur video and saw that u disnt have a vase i wanted to write to sooner but i couldnt the flowers that mike gave u are beautiful im so happy for u u guys are amazing together but instead of throwing them away save them spray them with hairspray and place them in a picture frame for ur new home ot has meaning and its a keepsake cant wait to see more videos …

  15. Sometimes you don't need years of dating to know he or she is the one and some people just don't understand that! I am glad your happy! 

  16. Thanks for sitting down 'n talking for us for "fifteen minutes." LOL It was a wonderful feeling, like girlfriends hanging out! I could listen to you forever! ❤

  17. My Dearest Lee, you are one brave soul, opening your heart to welcome all of us ~ thank you!  I need to please explain something & please read the complete comment before making any comments. First of all, Lee, you are VERY strong, to be able to be doing all of this so quickly after a long relationship & divorce. I admire your strength. By the same token, not all that say: Lee, you are going too fast, mean any harm. I promise. In the beginning I too told you the same, and it is not to disrespect your age, or wisdom, or life experiences, or everything that has molded into the successful business woman, wonderful daughter, granddaughter, sister & friend that you are; it is because some of us have lived a little longer & we have seen that other side of the token. Lee, Baby-Girl, I loved it when you were at the Hair Salon & you caught yourself talking too laud & you covered your mouth to laugh & you re-adjusted your voice volume. Priceless! That was happiness & awesomeness running through all of your veins & you could just not help it! That is the real Lee. The one that we are so thankful that you are giving us a chance to get to know better. We are loving every second of it!
    Here it goes. Haters gonna hate, but some of us just want to protect you from the maybe, just in case, slim chance, that there is a weird possibility that this is not it & you get hurt. Lee, I know that you know, but those of us old enough to be your Mom, please, cut us a little slack for being concerned without calling us haters. I beg.
    Moving on: I believe that some of us, if not all of us, would love to give you some house warming gift in celebration of your new life. Since you have been amazing & have opened your heart & life to all of us, let us participate in your joy & let us give you a little something in return. It will be our please. I know what I say. We want to celebrate with you!!! Do you not want tokens of our love?
    And last, but not least: You talk a lot about God & I truly believe that he plays a mayor role in your life, but I want to explain something, learned by making mistakes & HIS lovely Grace, Mercy & Love, literally picking me up from the floor. There is no YOLO in the presence of God. There is no, if they don't pay your bills, who cares.  There is no Do You. This is a personal questions that you need not answer to any of us, it is between you & HIM. At the end of your days, when you are standing before the Lord, what will be HIS opinion of you & your decisions? If you can honestly cancel out all of the sound out, I stop long enough to listen to his answer & you can live with HIS answer; it is then that everything is okay. I believe that you are sensitive to the voice of God. Stop & listen, my Dearest Love.
    Again, we all love to see you happy & would love to be part of your joy by sending you tokens of our love! YOU NEED YOUR P.O.BOX!!! IT IS PRETTY SIMPLE TO DO & IT WOULD GIVE US A CHANCE TO RETURN THE FAVOR OF YOU GIVING US THE OPPORTUNITY OF BEING GIRLFRIENDS OF YOURS!!! ENOUGH SAID ABOUT THE P.O.BOX???
    My Dearest Lee, I Love You & I bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, & in the name of the Holy Spirit of God. Stay blessed Mamita. Te quiero muuucho. Con cariño & respeto, bendiciones & saludos a tu novio & a tus hijitos de cuatro patitas. XO

  18. I'm soooo glad u are in a better place and so much more happy. When I first knew about u going thru a divorce I prayed for u that u would b ok and always thought of you. If moving in together makes u happy go for it . The same week I met my now husband we moved in together that same week and still together 8 yrs later. Everyone we asked if they thought it would be a good idea said no we should wait but we obviously didn't listen lol. Before when I would watch your videos I would get a feeling u weren't too happy like u were hiding who u really r and now with your vlogs I feel like I know u and like the way u r. I'm happy u found a good guy best of luck to u both 

  19. Aaaw Lee… of course you deserve the best and to be as happy as you can be..!!! Everyone deserves that..
    And I LOVED YOUR FAITH WITH GOD… I love the words you used. How you described the way God has your life planned out… "because I have something better for you, and because you have faith in me, I am not fixing your marrige." (Well something like tht..) 😉 but really touched my heart hunny.. and again would love to meet you in person obviously…!!! 🙂 you are a great inspiration to me and I am sure to other girls too…. I wish you the best of love, happiness and strength… and never loose that amazing faith of yours…!!! 🙂 take care love from Cali.
    Sole 😙

  20. Oh my god lee you brought tears to my eyes I was actually choking up there when you were talking . I'm so happy that you are vlogging and doing great with your new boo you're such an inspiration to so many, you are doing your thing hun! and thats so nice to see! Keep it up mama.Xoxo

  21. you have a good life you are being rewarded not many people will get it because they rather stay in a bad relationship so they don't have to face societies judgement or because they don't have enough faith or self-steem to believe they deserve something better. You know your struggle nobody knows what you went through so they can only speculate .

  22. How could he say he's not in love with you anymore…you're so amazing and I'm beyond happy for you!! You deserve the very best Lee <3 

  23. i totally understand i am going thru horrible 6yr breakup and i am so not going to stay down no mattter what. God has better plans for us no matter what it is and how long it takes. lets keep those head up :D

  24. Good for you! People will always say what they want to say but at the end of the day it's your life. I can relate to this a lot, I commented on your announcement video about being in a relationship because I was in a similar, but different situation. I moved on quickly too, but I refuse to vlog about it (that's just me). People jump into conclusions when you 'move on' quickly, but these things aren't planned by us. Everything happens for a reason.

  25. Hey hun …. Glad you had an amazing VDay 😀 but I'm just curious what sign is Mike ? (Sorry if you have answered this before already) and I hope your move goes smoothly 😜 much love 💞

  26. Congrats! May I ask do you use a specific site for your apartment hunting? I am in Nassau and find the task very daunting. I feel as though every site I search is full of scammers. Any advice would be much appreciated. Take care and good luck!!

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