Use your heart as well as you can

*** Is using your heart consistently and correctly obvious, or should it be? Try to leave the house without her? Who among us could be alive without the amazing electricity of his own heartbeat? The heart is the electricity that drives you and me and no one can be alive without one! NO ONE! So why are you using your heart correctly so essential? Carrying it as well as you can means remembering that you and I are heart-centered beings who thrive with inner insight and guidance.

If we want to remain clean and healthy we must decide to listen to the voice and tone of our living soul – in the form of our breath and heartbeat. Harken and hear what your instincts / heart-intuition is saying only to your ears. Start using your heart more wisely, paying attention to what your inner feelings or gut is telling you.

The best advice and advice you may need is already within you. The words of truth and guidance appear as emotional vibrations that resonate with enlightenment. The truth is revealed to you in the very constant rhythm of your heart rate. The pulse rate can also indicate the health and condition of your heart rate and feelings of happiness, shame, love or fear. Your own heartfelt emotions / vibrations give you information daily and help you live wisely making judgments and decisions socially and morally correct with integrity.

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The words that your subconscious mind speaks are audibly reproduced as they are delivered to you of deep thoughts, interrogations and poignant introspection. Then returns to play, special delivery to your consciousness with a specific goal in mind; To allow your brain to hear the inner whispers of guidance, help and warning.

The heart is known for its ability to be the powerhouse of our seven vital organ systems. His desire is to keep him healthy and have a slow and steady heart rate. If something is negligent or out of sync the emotional piece taken in the heart and brain is palpable.

Decide to give your heart and soul more joy and happiness. Contribute to good causes and do more good deeds and feel much more powerful, relaxed and healthier to the heart! Oh, and your brain also wants to be happy to make you think less and produce more happy heart activities and charity work. Even if you decide to walk ten minutes a day, you are using your heart and thank you tremendously for healthy eating and loving activities.

The day of sincere celebration is a double day of inspiration. Celebrate your love, date, couple or even celebrate your own healthy heart. Make a decision to have a healthy way to live, eat, exercise, walk or thrive and focus more on relaxed breathing. Become more aware of your breathing and decide to inhale and exhale correctly. You know how they teach you in Yoga. Help calm the brain and relax the mind, at least a little more focus on breathing in a healthier way, please!

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* Valentine's Day is almost here! Why is it so special? Because globally people, consciously, intentionally and openly, show love, affection and hear the words of peace, love and joy knowing that, that is what they want to feel consciously every day.

That poses a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful, loving and happy life. Revere and remember how peaceful and free you feel on Valentine's Day 2017. And do not forget to take your heart as well as you can every day! It is his, fits perfectly, and has the right style, color and design. It was specially designed with you in mind! You were designed like no other mold, your mold is bold and untold to anyone. The Divine Creator made you a unique heart-driven, thriving, full of electric energy, driven by the heart's speed, the power packed Valentine's ship Love and Joy

*** I like to learn from you and from others Offering me knowledge continuously!

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