We Show Tough Love on Valentine’s Day

Love comes in many different forms, and that’s especially true when frustrations boil over on the track.
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21 thoughts on “We Show Tough Love on Valentine’s Day”

  1. How 'bout some tough love for fox there nascar. Tell them fans are gonna start jumping ship if fox and ALL the other networks dont cut back on insane commercial breaks like fox did in the unlimited race during GREEN FLAG RACING!! Come on now the race was only 75 laps long so fox and nascar see fit to abuse us fans by showing 200 commercials during a 2 hour race. fox nascar and ALL the other networks you are nothing but a bunch of dirtbags because this FAN ABUSE has been going on the past 4 years getting worse every year, i hope all of you choke on that money you are making off forcing us to watch these garbage commercials.

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